The Marauders Map and why it is one of the coolest parts of the Harry Potter series

When it comes to cool things in the Harry Potter series, there’s a lot to look towards. But there’s something wonderfully fun about the Marauders Map as a whole concept.

The Marauders Map from the Harry Potter series is fun. Sure, it’s exciting because Harry can see what everyone is doing throughout Hogwarts but it’s more than that. It was created by a group of friends who just loved to get together and cause havoc and honestly, that’s sort of cool.

So the Marauders Map is more than just watching what people are doing throughout Hogwarts. Yes, that’s part of it, but it was more of a connection for Harry to his father and what he was like as a kid. For so long, Harry only had glorified stories of James and Lily Potter to go off of. So seeing the Marauders Map and hearing why it existed? They gave a better look into what James Potter was like when he was Harry’s age.

It also helps that the map is used to help Harry and his friends throughout the series. They struggle and need guidance on what to do and the map is there for them in a way that Harry (or even the Marauders) couldn’t have imagined.

It also brings Harry to the group of friends that his father had. Turning to Sirius and Remus, Harry got a better look at his parents and understood them and in a way, that all happened because of the map. So it’s one of the coolest parts of the series because it taught Harry the most about his family.

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