The scariest aspect of the Harry Potter series changes depending on each fan

Whether it is Aragog or Voldemort himself, every Harry Potter fan has something else that terrified them most about the series and it’s fun to explore that part of fandom.

Watching the Harry Potter films or reading the books meant that there were probably things in the series that frightened you growing up. But what’s great about it is that everyone has something different that scared them.

For many, Aragog is a major source of anxiety and fear because so many of us hate spiders. If not, maybe it was Fluffy or the basilisk or whatever else seemed to frighten them all. But the point is: There were plenty of things to be frightened over in the Harry Potter series.

Which is interesting because it is supposed to be meant for children and yet there are so many darker parts of this series that did serve to frighten us as we went along this journey with Harry.

But still, those fears are real because they’re rooted in our own fears and how we end up all sort of being afraid of the same thing every once in a while. Like spiders. Why is that a fear that is so widely had?

But what the Harry Potter series did well was always show us that those things we fear can be overcome. Harry and Ron escape Aragog, they sneak past Fluffy, the defeat Voldemort. All those fears can be something we deal with and triumph over once we have that fear destroyed.

We can finally be someone who isn’t afraid of the dark and the things that used to scare us and maybe that’s what is most important.

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