Why so many fans turned to Rubeus Hagrid as their favorite character in the Harry Potter series

There are so many characters to chose to love in the Harry Potter series but for whatever reason, many of us have flocked to Rubeus Hagrid. Why is that the case?

Rubeus Hagrid loved Harry Potter and wanted to protect him and, for whatever reason, that has made him one of the biggest fan favorites out there. So why do we love Hagrid so much? It definitely comes from his love and protection for Harry.

The first we see of Hagrid, he’s bringing Harry to the Dursley’s right after Lily and James Potter have been killed by Voldemort. He’s afraid to leave him there and wants to protect Harry and that’s one of the first glimpses we get into Hagrid as a character.

As the series goes on, he continues to be this source of comfort because he’s the only one who seems to have Harry’s best interest at heart. He’s a wonderful character in that way because everyone else seems to see Harry as their way to take on Voldemort and not as a living boy who needs guidance.

But Rubeus Hagrid wants to make sure that Harry is protected and happy and that says a lot about him as a character. The moment in Deathly Hallows when he thinks that Harry is dead? It’s one of the saddest things that ever existed in the series but showed that, at the end fo the day, Hagrid cared about Harry most of all and that love he had for this boy was truly special.

Hagrid is the best for a lot of reasons and that’s why we love him.

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Why do you think it is that fans love Hagrid the most? Let us know your thoughts (and who your favorite is) in the comments below!