Tom Felton is engaging with fans on TikTok and it is delightful!

Tom Felton is one of our favorites from the Harry Potter series and now he’s reacting to Harry Potter-themed TikToks on the app and honestly? It is wonderful to see!

Many celebrities are flocking to the app TikTok and Tom Felton is one of them! Draco Malfoy himself has taken his musical talents and funny jokes to the video-based platform and is now engaging with fans of the Harry Potter series.

There is an aspect of TikTok that has many fans of the franchise dressed in their Hogwarts robes and responding as if they were in Hogwarts. Which is a lot of jokes about the wizarding school and how they’d fair there.

Felton decided to join in by dueting (where you just have your own video alongside someone else’s TikTok) a fan and it is glorious!

@t22felton##duet with @crohny ##dracotok ##tiktom

♬ original sound – crohny

To be honest, things like this are just fun! To see the actors that we grew up loving and looking up to engaging with content about the series? It just shows their love of the franchise as well as their appreciation for the fans.

But it’s more than just getting to see our favorite stars interacting with fans. It’s about how much Tom Felton seems to still care about his Harry Potter fans. Felton has gone on to star in different franchises throughout his career but he always knows that fans of Draco Malfoy will have his back and it’s clear that he doesn’t take that for granted.

Getting to see Felton interact on social media is wildly fun and we hope he continues to do so!

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