Why those coming out in support of J.K. Rowling is frustrating fans

The constant letters being signed or people coming to the defense of J.K. Rowling is frustrating because she’s not listening to people and what they’re saying to her and playing the victim despite the community she’s hurting.

J.K. Rowling has started to garner support from those in the writing community and entertainment world who think that the internet “vitriol” against her is too much. Do you want to know why that is incredibly frustrating? Because J.K. Rowling used her platform and her words to hurt an entire community of people and when people took to calling her out for it and trying to educate her, she continued to double down on her harmful stance and now is playing the victim. To top it off, her playing the victim then detracts from those who her words hurt.

It’s quite simple: Rowling should have stopped spreading harmful rhetoric, listened to her fanbase when they tried to express their issues with her stance, and tried to learn. Instead, she focused all her time and energy on doubling down and lashing out and acting as if people were judging her because she was a woman.

It’s frustrating on multiple levels and now, to see all these people rally behind her is even more annoying because they’re protecting someone who doesn’t care that her words are hurting an entire community of people. What? Do those people supporting Rowling want to express their outdated and harmful views freely?

Or is this just because they see how she’s been “canceled” and fear their same warped views will get the same results for them? Whatever the case is, it’s beyond frustrating and distracting from the point of why so many are upset with Rowling in the first place.

Remember to be kind to one another and look out for each other.