Bonnie Wright talks climate justice

Right now, we need to talk about our current climate change problem and Bonnie Wright is taking the initiative to get young fans engaged in talking about what needs to be fixed.

Bonnie Wright wants to make sure that we, as a society and fans of her and the Harry Potter series, take climate change seriously. And as we should! Using her social media to her advantage, she’s been taking to doing Instagram Lives to make sure her views on how we can stop climate change are heard.

This is just the latest in a series of celebrities doing the right things with their platforms. Bonnie Wright standing up and using her follower base to spread awareness about climate change and making sure they invite their fans to do so as well. And honestly, it is incredible to see because there are so many issues that need our attention right now and it’s good when we see our faves standing up for what is right and needs attention.

It’s incredible to see all these young actors taking a stand too. More often than not, we have performers either not on social media or using it exclusively for their work. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but they have these huge followings and it can help bring attention to things like climate change that normally would get pushed aside.

So good on Bonnie Wright for constantly trying to save this planet and making sure those who love and support her work know that she’s trying to save the earth as well. So many sure to follow Bonnie Wright on social media!

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What are you doing to help stop climate change? Are you listening to Bonnie Wright? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!