You cannot protect J.K. Rowling anymore. She’s making it impossible

We had decided to not comment on the things J.K. Rowling was pushing out into the world but we, as fans, cannot continue to try to protect her when she’s being openly harmful to the trans community.

Time and time again, we try to understand why J.K. Rowling continues to double down on transphobic rhetoric and today, it got worse when reviews and news of her latest Robert Galbraith novel came out. While the novel itself doesn’t have a transgender character, it is, reportedly, littered with dangerous transphobic stereotypes.

What this means though is that we can no longer sit and just pushed it off as Rowling being transphobic and trying to separate the Harry Potter series from her. What we need to do is actively talk about why her stance is dangerous and why she’s not someone we can continue to support.

That means not buying the next Robert Galbraith novel. That means not seeing anything in the world of Harry Potter that she had a hand in. We have to actively stop supporting her and the things she’s pushing out into the world. When her messaging is actively being pushed in her novels and she’s going from her tweets to actively publishing harmful stereotypes, we cannot sit by and just accept that that’s who she is.

Rowling is dangerous to the trans community and we have to do our part, as fans of the Harry Potter series to defend and protect those who are being targeted by her words. Here are some resources of where you can donate to help the trans community!

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Be kind to each other and remember to support those in the trans community and be there for them!