So, why was Dobby trending on Twitter last night?

Each night for, whatever reason, Dobby is trending on Twitter and guys, he’s dead. Let Dobby the Free Elf rest (yes we know this is because of a hockey player though).

For whatever reason, Dobby keeps trending on Twitter. And sure, it’s probably because there is a hockey player named Dobby but that’s not important to us. What’s important is a free elf who sacrificed his life for Harry and his friends who died.

Dobby the House Elf was constantly willing to do whatever he needed to do make sure that Harry Potter was safe. He wanted to do the right thing so, in turn, Harry freed him from the Malfoys. From there, we were all in love with Dobby and his dedication to Harry and trying to help.

And, up until the bitter end, he was making sure that Harry would defeat Lord Voldemort no matter the cost and his death still weighs heavily upon fans. Dobby was a free elf and did as he pleased.

So why all this kind of sucks is because we’re forced to think about Dobby and his sacrifice and his death all because of hockey. Sure, that hockey player didn’t ask to be nicknamed after our favorite House Elf but it was the cards he was dealt and so now, we have to see Dobby trending on Twitter and wonder what is happening and if our favorite House Elf is doing well wherever he is.

Sorry to hockey and to this player but you’re always just going to be Dobby the House Elf when I see “Dobby” trending on Twitter.

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