Mysterio and why he would actually work as a villain in the Harry Potter series

Mysterio may have been the villain who could take on the world with an illusion but he also could work as a villain in the Harry Potter series when you stop and think about it.

Peter Parker faced up against Mysterio and his master of illusions and it seemed as if our favorite webbed hero might have met his match but the thing is, Mysterio would also work as a Harry Potter villain. Think about it: Creating illusions to power, showing that he can do anything? It’d be a lot for Harry and his friends to handle and it would work out in the way of a “villain” because he could convince those in the wizarding world that he was somehow the most powerful.

While the wizarding world would maybe be able to figure out his entire drone deal relatively quickly, it’d still be interesting to watch the rise and fall of Mysterio through the eyes of the witches and wizards who fell victim to both Grindelwald and Voldemort.

For whatever reason, the wizarding world (and the world at large) fall prey to these terrible white men and their horrific views and while Mysterio isn’t up to par with either Grindelwald or Voldemort, he does have the power of getting people to believe whatever he’s trying to sell them so he’d fit in with the wizarding world and how they tend to fall victim to these messages.

So…it’d be interesting to see how Quentin Beck fits in with the actual wizards of the world to say the least about it all.

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