Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the activism it inspired

The Harry Potter series in general got fans excited about how we could stand up against the evil of the world but Order of the Phoenix gave us the ammunition we all needed.

Many fans of the Harry Potter series grew up into people who were willing to do the right thing because that’s what Harry and his friends taught us. When things got tough and they needed to step up and do the right thing, they always did, and that instilled in so many of us this idea of making sure we did what was right.

Harry Potter wasn’t really someone who backed down from a fight and that became quite clear in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. While that nature was there from the start, it was in Order that he found those who would fight alongside him and make sure to take on Voldemort as a team.

They were the ones who believed him, who were willing to do what their parents and family did before them, and they didn’t care what happened to them just as long as the evil of the world didn’t succeed. And that, at its core, is something that’s important to remember from this series. While we go on and question our love of the franchise now, we can always have that dedication to what we thought was the right thing to keep us going.

The entire Harry Potter series taught us to stand up for our beliefs and protect the world from evil but it was Order of the Phoenix that led us into activism.

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