Fans are selling Harry Potter memorabilia to help benefit trans organizations

In an effort to be there for our friends in the trans community, Harry Potter fans are rallying together to help by selling memorabilia to benefit trans organizations!

Fans have started to sell their Harry Potter merch to benefit trans organizations and honestly? Good! That’s a wonderful thing to do to help be there for the trans community.

According to Mugglenet, a life-long Harry Potter fan named Mica Daly-Smith is selling her memorabilia to raise funds for Mermaids, a charity that helps support trans and gender-diverse young people and children.

Talking with PinkNews, talked about why she was donating to Mermaids.

I wish I could separate [JK Rowling] from her creation, but as a woman, I looked up to her for so long and was just as much a fan of hers as I was [of] the series. Her name is so entwined with Harry Potter’s for me that I can’t look at the franchise I loved in the same way.

Sadly, Daly-Smith is right. It’s incredibly hard right now to separate this series from its author. Try as we might, everything about the world of Harry Potter is still directly connected to Rowling. So her views are, sadly, what we all associate with the series.

That can change in the future, if we start to create our own stories within the world and if we give the space to members of the LGBTQ+ community to do so. But for right now? Everything about Potter is connected back to Rowling and it, sadly, taints the series that meant so much to us while we were growing up.

Like Daly-Smith, you can donate to trans organizations in the name of Harry Potter to help be there for those fans who were incredibly hurt by Rowling’s words.

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Have you done your part to be there for our trans friends? Donated to the trans community? Let us know what you’re doing to help in the comments below!
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