Here are some organizations to donate to that help the trans community

Want to help the trans community? Here are some resources of where you can donate and how you can help as a fan of the Harry Potter series. It’s time we do the right thing.

There is a wonderful resource called Charity Navigator that helps you chose charities to donate to and while looking to trans organizations to help, it can give us some incredible options to try and give back as much as we can.

Right now, fans of the Harry Potter series are in a unique position to do our part in helping those in the trans community. Hurt by Rowling’s stance, it is our jobs, as fans, to support those fans who feel abandoned because of what Rowling believes.

Trans children (and certainly trans individuals who are older) are often the target of hate in this world and if you cannot donate to the organizations that Charity Navigator suggests, it is important then to share the resources available and make sure we’re all doing our part.

While Rowling didn’t take the message of her own series to heart, we can and we can be there for each other and be there for those who feel abandoned and hurt by her words. So, please share resources you’ve found, donate if you can, and listen to those in the trans community when they are sharing their stories and why everything happening is harmful to them and their well-being. We can be there for each other and give our support and help.

If you have any organization you like to donate to, share them in the comments below!

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Please donate where you can and support our friends in the trans community. They deserve our love and support always.