The evolution of Robert Pattinson from Cedric Diggory to playing Bruce Wayne

Robert Pattinson means a lot to fans of the Harry Potter series because we got to see his evolution and so let’s take a look at why we love RPattz so much and always will!

For so many fans of the Harry Potter series, we’ve loved Cedric Diggory since Robert Pattinson brought him to life in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. From there, we watched as Pattinson took on Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga and so on and so forth until he, eventually, ended up being Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman.

All of this is very exciting for a lot of us because we’ve truly tracked Pattinson’s career from the start (myself included). And so to see him grow from Cedric Diggory to the Dark Knight is interesting to track.

Robert Pattinson went from starring in the biggest franchise in the world to starring as Edward Cullen, the vampire love interest of Bella Swan in Twilight. And while he very clearly isn’t afraid of a franchise, he’s also turned to small films and taken an incredibly interesting path in his career.

So now, watching him take on all the bads of Gotham gives fans, like myself, a strange sense of pride because we get to see just how far he’s come. And he’s still going. Robert Pattinson has always been an incredible actor and getting to see him finally get his dues is going to be fun and seeing him wear the cowl as Batman? That is going to be an amazing journey for fans of the actor to go on and I can’t wait!

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