How to figure out if you’re part of the right Hogwarts House

There is a new trend going around on TikTok where you duet with a video about the Harry Potter series and your answer proves if your Hogwarts house is right and it’s very telling.

A Hogwarts House is a very sacred thing. Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, you have taken quizzes and gotten your answer time and time again. But now there’s a new trend: Answer a question and see how your answer matches up with the houses.

When I first did it, I miss heard the question but in true Gryffindor fashion, I probably would have just tried to aggressively open the door before finally giving up. But the question is simple: If a door is locked, how do you get in?

Ravenclaws? They look for the key. Slytherins? Pick the lock. Hufflepuffs? They’ll knock. And like I said before, Gryffindors will try to breakdown the door. While not a perfect science, this does make a bit more sense in how we figure out our Hogwarts Houses. Mainly because they are often just presented to us as grand ideas for each house but if you give us a real life scenario and tell us to react to it, then there is a more accurate idea of which house we would fit best in.

Would Gryffindors try to break down a door? Maybe but I also feel like we’d just keep yelling until someone came and opened it while the Hufflepuff “knock” is probably very quiet and respectful. But who knows. Let’s come up with more ideas!

Are you in the right house? Did you answer the question according to the house you always associated with yourself? Let us know your results in the comments below!