Ever think about how the Harry Potter series isn’t set in modern day?

When first reading the Harry Potter series, so many fans thought that Harry Potter was the same age they were. The problem? The entire series is set in the 90s.

Growing up a fan of the Harry Potter series, I always assumed that Harry was the same age I was. I remember reading it as each book came out and we were around the same age so I just assumed it was in modern day. Hilarious since I knew his birthday was in 1980 but alas.

Fast forward to the end of the series, and I suddenly realized that I just projected my own timeline onto that of Harry. Now, in my defense, I was a teenager by the time the series ended but still, that idea that I was part of the magic is probably why fans have such a connection to the series still.

But, sadly, I had to realize that I was not aging with Harry as he started going to Hogwarts the year I was born. (In fact, I wasn’t even born yet when he started attending cause my birthday isn’t until November.) That idea though that we’re part of the magic as we’re reading it? That’s what kept us all coming back to the series though.

We were glad to be there with Harry through it all because we also wanted to be a part of Hogwarts and a part of the magic and that’s why we kept going back to the series so much.

Did you think that the Harry Potter was in the same time period you were while reading it? Or are you better at math than me? Let us know what you think in the comments below!