Despite a boom, J.K. Rowling’s book sale are lagging. Wonder why

J.K. Rowling continued to double down on harmful transphobic rhetoric and now book sales are booming for many authors out there but…not for J.K. Rowling and GOOD.

Book sales are booming and yet, not Rowling’s? I would say “I wonder why” but we know the answer to that, she’s doing it herself. The problem is that while the rest of the entertainment industry is benefitting from many being trapped inside, Rowling used her platform to spread harmful rhetoric and now she’s seeing the reflection.

While a moment of showing her what her words do and how it hurts the community she’s targetting, it is a bit frightening because she’s been on a kick of talking about “cancel culture” as if she’s just sharing an opinion and not targetting a marginalized group.

Harper’s published a letter about how we can’t have “open debate” anymore. The letter itself was well-meaning but the problem came with who signed the letter. Filled with problematic people (and references throughout the letter), there at the bottom was the name of J.K. Rowling.

The Harry Potter author did it and thought it said something about her situation when she’s continually spreading transphobic ideas as if she’s allowed to have that opinion. It’s not an opinion, it’s transphobia.

And now her book sales are seeing the effects of it. It isn’t that I want to see her fail because that’s what Rowling thinks people want just because she’s a woman. No, I want her to see that her outdated and harmful views are what is hurting her and her unwillingness to learn why she’s wrong is the problem.

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