Here is why we’re all so obsessed with Harry Potter’s hair in the movies

Harry Potter’s hair is something else entirely from the books to the movies so why are we obsessed with getting Harry’s hair right in the films? Why was that a concern?

Let’s talk about Harry Potter and his hair. For, whatever reason, the books focused a lot on his hair and how it was unruly and would grow fast and we had a very clear idea of what it looked like in our minds when we were reading.

Then, for whatever reason, the movies decided to not even bother trying. Granted, the movies did this with Harry’s eyes as well (something that drives me mad because I love that Harry Potter has green eyes). Still, the hair was an issue.

The only movie that really nailed down the look of Harry was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He was gangly, his hair was a mess, and he actually looked like the Harry that I had come to know from the books for once.

Then we went right back into this “eh his hair is flat” Harry Potter that the movies adopted. I think a lot of the problems were that they didn’t want to put the kids through too much hair and make-up or make them uncomfortable and that’s all fine and well but…couldn’t they have just given Daniel Radcliffe a wig so he would, at least, have Harry Potter’s signature hair?

It was just little things like this throughout the movies that seemed to break a lot of fans. We were so set on what Harry looked like to us that the more the movies came out, the more they didn’t really nail the look of Harry Potter.

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Do you think the movies ever got Harry Potter’s hair right? Or was it always wrong? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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