The students of Hogwarts and how much they were willing to sacrifice for each other

When the fight came to Hogwarts, the students weren’t worried about their houses or who was friends with who. They were ready to fight for what they believed in and that’s beautiful.

Hogwarts is always there to welcome you home but what’s important about the school that welcomed Harry Potter with open arms isn’t that it is a beacon for its students but the students themselves. When the battle came to its doors, Hogwarts didn’t protect them from Voldemort and the Death Eaters. The students of Hogwarts did.

Looking back at the series, we often look to these incredible buildings and places that we love as something to remember but with the Battle of Hogwarts, we got to see that the students were the ones we should have been looking at the entire time.

Standing up to fight against Voldemort, they were ready to do the right thing because of what Hogwarts taught them all. It wasn’t necessarily about the school or the magic but rather the people that made it so special for us all.

The students were what made Hogwarts what we came to know and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch them all stand up with each other to fight to take down the evil coming for them and what they love. So sure, Hogwarts is always going to be there for us all but it is the students of Hogwarts and their willingness and ability to fight for their friends, their school, and their beliefs that makes us love the school that meant the world to Harry Potter.

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