Want a new face mask? Well now there is a Harry Potter one! Nerds are the best

When comes to face masks, sometimes we just want some of our favorite nerdy properties on our face and now Harry Potter fans can have the best mask yet: The Marauder’s Map!

Face masks are now a part of our lives and sometimes, we just want our nerdy properties represented and some of us want that property to be Harry Potter. The franchise means the most to us and we love it so why not? Luckily, Harry Potter fans are extremely creative and that means we have things like a Marauder’s Map mask that REVEALS ITSELF.

That’s right. Originally reported by ScreenRant, the mask in question goes on your face and as you breathe, suddenly the map is revealed. The mask maker posted this video on TikTok to show off the creation.

@coloradopexI am the maker of the mask 🖤🖤🖤 ##mask ##hp ##artist ##smallbusiness ##magic *checkmeouton FB ***CPEX

♬ original sound – coloradopex

The Marauder’s Map is one aspect of the Harry Potter series that seems to always be there for fans. Whether it is on dresses or other products, other than the symbol for the Deathly Hallows, it is the one recognizable property from the Harry Potter series that is instantly recognizable.

So yes, truth be told, I do want this mask more than anything else right now. I love the series and the Marauders are my favorite characters so why wouldn’t I walk around with the Marauder’s Map on a mask? Plus it’s magical in its own way? Yes, please! I will gladly take as many as you’re willing to sell me Colordopex.

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Do you like this Harry Potter mask? Would you wear it? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.
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