The next chapter of Harry Potter at Home is here with the cast of Cursed Child!

Another Harry Potter has reached the ranks of the Harry Potter at Home series. To take on chapter six is none other than Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s Jamie Parker!

Jamie Parker, who brought Harry Potter to life in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child took to reading chapter six in both the West End production and the Broadway one, “The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters”.

To be quite honest, seeing the two actors who have brought Harry Potter to life read chapters from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a bit emotional. This series means a lot to us but it also means a lot to those who helped to bring it to life in the live-action way.

Parker’s Harry was a bit older than the Harry we see in Sorcerer’s Stone, meaning he is an adult by the time Parker got to take him on in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but it is wonderful to see, especially since Jamie Parker has talked about how he was reading the series to his own child while playing Harry Potter on stage.

This series is a wonderful way of revisiting the series or even for those who haven’t seen it yet. Many can be taking this journey for the first time and to see the actors who helped bring the movies or the production on stage to life is wonderfully fun!

Maybe we’ll see even more from the stage and screen in future chapters but it’s lovely to see both Daniel Radcliffe and Jamie Parker back in their Harry Potter world.

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