Daniel Radcliffe is the quarantine interview master!

Talk about a man on top of his game, Daniel Radcliffe is currently going through press for his time on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and having a fun time doing all of it.

Daniel Radcliffe may be staying safe in quarantine but that’s not all, he’s still promoting his upcoming work and making sure to be the amazing person we know him to be! While Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is still coming out, Radcliffe has had to do a few interviews still for the project. From Kelly Clarkson to an interview for People Magazine, he’s been quite busy talking about his work.

But what’s interesting about Radcliffe isn’t really his willingness to share his thoughts on the Harry Potter series or what he’s doing and going through. Instead, what’s interesting right now is that Radcliffe remains one of our best actors in his willingness to check his privilege and what this all means for him.

When talking with People, he shared his quarantine situation and how he recognizes the fact that he’s better off than most and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing and publicizing what he’s doing because that’s not what this is all about. Which, again, makes Daniel Radcliffe honestly incredible.

It should be a given that people in my situation do things like this and not something that we pat ourselves on the back for. We have been doing stuff. In terms of what I would encourage other people to do, find something that you think you can help with right now. If you can do something, please go and do it.

It’s glad to know that Daniel Radcliffe is staying safe, staying inside, and promoting his latest!

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