Out of all the house elves, why was it Dobby that we learned the most about?

We have come to know and love Dobby very well but why, out of all of the house elves that there were in the world of Harry Potter, was he the one we ended up learning about?

Let’s talk about Dobby. A character that has been the source of pain for many of us, he came into Harry Potter’s life during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and was there whenever Harry James Potter would need him.

He tried to stop him from going back to Hogwarts, tried to help him whenever Harry “needed” help, and died in order to make sure that Harry survived and fought against Voldemort as he was destined to do. The character is extremely important but why is it Dobby we got to learn the most about?

When it comes to house elves, there were so many in the series and even two others that we knew by name but it was Dobby who became an “icon” of sorts that we got to know the most about. Why not Winky or Kreacher?

It’s not that Dobby doesn’t deserve that time and energy, he does, but it’s just strange that he’s pretty much the only house elf we get to really know outside of just seeing Kreacher briefly in the movies.

It would be nice to have more house elves be prominent in the series, whether in the original series or even in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Maybe we’ll get to learn more about the house elves later on but, until then, it would be nice to know more other than just Dobby.

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