How to honor the Harry Potter series while stuck in quarantine

Stuck home with nowhere to go and nothing to do? Here is how to honor the Harry Potter series while you’re protecting yourself and others around you.

Right now, we can’t really go anywhere or do anything, much like Harry Potter when he was a kid when you really think about it, and that is if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing with this social distancing and self-quarantine era we’ve found ourselves in. So, how are you enjoying yourself? Does it connect back to the Harry Potter series?

There are so many things you can do to relate back to Harry and his friends. Whether it is something creative, like writing fanfiction or doing fanart, to just re-reading the series, right now is the time to just take a moment and go back to the things that we love and bring us comfort.

In my opinion, we’re all so worried and wound up that there is so much we’re missing and we’re not thinking about the things that make us happy. If we just take a moment and go back to those, relive the magic we once loved, we can start to calm down for even a moment.

Maybe it’s re-reading the series, maybe it’s creating new content, or maybe it’s just watching the movies. Whatever it is, at least we can all do it together? We can just go back to Hogwarts and use being in quarantine to remember the Boy Who Lived and what this all meant to us all when we first inhabited it.

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Are you going to have fun with the Harry Potter series while at home? Ready to enjoy some of the magic again? Let us know what you are planning to do in the comments below!
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