Daniel Radcliffe talks about the importance of Harry Potter

From meeting young fans to constantly being asked if he would ever come back to the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe has been put through a lot but he knows the importance he played.

Daniel Radcliffe has been our Harry Potter since the beginning. A star since we first watched him on screen, it’s hard, sometimes, to separate Daniel Radcliffe from the character and he knows that often how he reacts to fans will have a lasting impression on how they view the series.

In an interview for James O’Brien’s Full Disclosure, Radcliffe talked about the series and how it means for younger fans of the series to see him out and about.

I have actor friends who will be out and when someone comes up to them for an autograph they say no, and I think that is completely within their rights to do that. People would argue and have argued, that it is within my rights to do that too, I don’t feel like I can in the same way. I do feel like you have to do a bit more when you’re famous for something like ‘Potter’.

The thing is, this is a beautiful thing to know. At least he knows what it means for fans to see him and how they react to meeting Harry Potter, no matter their age. Whether it is a seven year-old or a fan from childhood, they love the series and how he reacts to them matters because it can change how they see the series as a whole. So…he tries and honestly, that’s all we can ask from him.

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