The extended universe of the world of Harry Potter just got a little bit bigger

When it comes to the other Harry Potter wizarding schools out there, we don’t know much about them but now we have some idea as to where they are and it’s…interesting.

With the Harry Potter series, every one of us want to go to Hogwarts because it is the school we know best. But the truth is, we all have specific wizarding schools based on where we’re from and, for some reason, there is no real rhyme or reason and there are so many people all going to one school and then some schools only pulling from a few places.

For instance, Beauxbatons and Hogwarts are only a few countries, Drumstrang a bit more, and then everyone else is like “time for overcrowding in your schools and let’s hope for the best”. It just doesn’t seems really fair.

So…let’s take a look.

See how this map is just a little uneven? Why so many countries in one specific school? Why not have different schools per district or is it because they want to keep them all hidden from the Muggle world. Still though, this just seems like a completely outrageous way of setting up the schools. Why are so many students going to one school?

Hogwarts is basically a selective school which, now, makes me depressed because I wish that we all had the chance to apply wherever we want like college.

Does it make sense that Hogwarts has so few getting pulled towards it while Ilvermorny is the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico? It seems like…we could have separated these schools just a little bit better.

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Which of the wizarding schools would you end up going to and why? Let us know where you’d end up in the comments below!
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