Daniel Radcliffe may have avada kedavra’d the Marvel rumors

There have been plenty of rumors that Daniel Radcliffe would play Moon Knight for the Disney Plus series. That may not be the case.

Remember when there were rumors of Daniel Radcliffe stepping into the world of Marvel? He may have Avada Kedavra’d those rumors with a recent comment about playing Harry Potter again.

To quickly recap, Radcliffe had been rumored to play the Marvel superhero Moon Knight in the character-titled series on Disney Plus. It would be awesome to see him do it, especially when Moon Knight could turn up in some of the MCU movies. We know that Marvel has liked to keep the show and movie universes together, after all.

The problem is Radcliffe recently shared that he likes the flexibility of his schedule right now. He doesn’t really want to be tied down to something that’s longer than a year. That would rule out anything Marvel based, whether series or movie.

Of course, he could just say all that about flexibility to lead us off the course of Moon Knight. He won’t be in a position to confirm or deny rumors about it just yet. By saying he doesn’t really want to do big projects, he could help to just lead the trail away from the speculation.

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He made a point of saying, “I’m not saying that I’ll never go back into any franchise” to Variety. That could have been a hint that there’s already a franchise in the works.

Either way, the rumors of Radcliffe becoming Moon Knight are still just rumor. It does sound like it’s been Avada Kedavra’d, though, even if Harry Potter would never use that spell.

What do you think about the idea of Daniel Radcliffe playing Moon Knight? Would you like to see him in another franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.