Take a look inside the Harry Potter Slytherin common room for the first time ever

Ever wished you could head inside the Harry Potter common rooms? You can now get the chance to step in the Slytherin one, but you need to go to London.

Have you ever wished that you could hang out with your favorite Harry Potter characters in your house’s common room? Well, you still can’t quite do that, but you will get a chance to experience the Slytherin common room. You’ll just need to head to London to do so.

There’s also only a limited time to do this. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will open the Slytherin common room from Apr. 3 to Sept. 6. You’ll be able to walk around, see the props, and experience the stark differences to the Gryffindor common room.

The entire common room is decked out with the official props from the movie. And while you won’t get the chance to hang out with Malfoy, you will get the chance to feel what it would be like to hang out in the green and silver room.

This room is made to look like a dungeon. It brings in a sense of the evil that the house is known for developing. Of course, the house isn’t officially described as evil, but we all know that it’s the house that develops the worst of the witches and wizards around.

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In the common room, fans will see a respectful monument for all the greatest wizards and witches that Slytherin has produced. Yes, that includes Lord Voldemort, but it will also show off the Malfoy family costumes. After all, the Malfoys are a prominent Slytherin family.

It wouldn’t be Slytherin without looking at the beginnings of Lord Voldermort though, would it? Warner Bros. Studio Tour London wants to dedicate a spot to Tom Riddle’s development throughout the years in the movies.

Book tickets to the tour and experience all things Harry Potter at the official Warner Bros. Studio website.