Fantastic Beasts’s Jude Law is starring in the first immersive TV series

Move over Create Your Own Adventure. There’s a new innovative form of TV coming. Fantastic Beasts’s Jude Law will star in the first immersive TV series.

When Jude Law isn’t playing Young Albus Dumbledore on Fantastic Beasts, he’s taking on innovative roles. One of his upcoming projects involves a new form of TV. He’ll star in the first immersive TV series.

You’ve heard of Create Your Own Adventure and you’ve watched TV shows put on live episodes. Immersive TV shows will take things to a whole new level to pull you into the show. There will be a special live event that takes place during the six-episode run of The Third DayMugglenet doesn’t have all the details on how this could work, but it’s certainly exciting to see.

Viewers will get the chance to live and experience the universe. This is more than just watching the screen and going off to create your fanfiction afterward. It’s more than just connecting with fellow fans in Facebook groups or on Twitter. This is a chance to live the story.

It sounds like the event will take to the stage. This will allow viewers to head to the theater and watch. The question is how those who aren’t able to make it to the theater will manage it. This could cause problems for those too far away.

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There’s also the issue of space. It’s going to require early booking of tickets, and we don’t even have a date for it just yet. There are still some Harry Potter fans who haven’t had the chance to see The Cursed Child due to location, cost, and timing. How will the show’s producers get around this?

The six-episode series will be divided into two parts, with the first titled Summer and the second titled WinterFantastic Beasts‘s Jude Law will play Sam, a may drawn to a mysterious island that sits just off the British coast. While there, he meets a group of people who are 100% set in their own ways and will do whatever it takes to preserve their own traditions.

After the live event, the series will conclude with Winter. This part will focus on Helen, played by Naomi Harris, who has come to the island for reasons vastly different to Sam’s.

So, what do you think about Fantastic Beasts‘s Jude Law starring in the first immersive TV series? Will you be watching it when comes out? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.