Get rich with Harry Potter chocolate Gringotts coins

It’s time for all Harry Potter fans to get rich. Well, you’ll feel like you’re rich when you start making your own Gringotts coins out of chocolate.

Hands up if you want to get rich. I know everyone reading this has their hands up. Well, it’s time for all Harry Potter fans to get their own collection of Gringotts coins.

Okay, so you’re not making your own gold coins just yet. And we know that Gringotts coins aren’t exactly legal currency around the world. Muggles just don’t understand! But you can get your own collection of chocolate coins.

Digital Spy shares that Merchoid offers a coin moulder. It is a UK store with the moulder available for £13.99. You may be able to order online with international shipping, though. The moulder is designed for fans to make their own chocolate coins, or you can make it with other edible fillings if you want. The choice is completely up to you.

With one moulder, you’ll get to make eight coins. Now you can make as many coins as you want; as many as you have the patience for.

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Plus, you’ll get 16 foil wrappers and two pouches. You can start your own collection of coins, making for the perfect Harry Potter-themed party or marathon that you want to throw. Or just so you can feel like Harry Potter did when he first found out about his vault. You’ll just want to watch out for the goblins who may just want you to store everything in a Gringotts vault.

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Which Harry Potter merchandise do you have? What’s on your list to buy next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Harry Potter Gringotts coin moulds are available from Merchoid right now.