Could Rupert Grint make the perfect William Ransom in Outlander?

Outlander fans are discussing options for an adult William Ransom on Outlander. Could Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint be the perfect option?

Outlander Season 5 is only premiering on Sunday, but fans are already looking at future seasons. One of the characters to play an important role in later books is William Ransom, and now Sassenachs are looking at actors who could play the adult version of the character. Is Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint the perfect choice?

At first, he does seem a little out there when it comes to options. There have been many suggestions over the years, with many based on looks. But shouldn’t we look at acting abilities too? Isn’t it important to have someone who can hold a scene, especially up against Sam Heughan?

While Grint has the red hair that is a Fraser trait in the novels, he can certainly also hold his own. We’ve seen the excellence from Servant on Apple TV Plus.

It’s easy to initially think of him as the crying youngest Weasley son in Harry Potter, but we’ve got to look at his more recent work to see the ability to play William Ransom in Outlander. He has the emotional range that comes with the later books. Without giving away too many spoilers, William does learn the truth about his biological father and it certainly causes some problems between him and Lord John Grey. We need someone who has the range for the multitude of emotions to come, and pull them off realistically.

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Grint also comes with the experience of period dramas, starring in ABC Murders on Amazon Prime. He knows how to hold himself for someone in the past. While not a man of William’s standing, it would be a basis to build upon.

And it’s not like Grint would need to learn an accent. William Ransom grew up in an English household. A strong, upper-class English accent is all he’d need, and Grint can certainly pull that off with ease.

While not an initial choice for many, Rupert Grint shouldn’t be ruled out for William Ransom in Outlander.

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Who do you think could play an adult William Ransom in Outlander? Would you look forward to Rupert Grint being cast? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.

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