Remembering fun things from the Harry Potter series from when the series was coming out

Harry Potter has meant a lot to many of us for a long time. Which means, we have fun stories and fun memories from when the series was first coming out and we should appreciate it.

For so many of us Harry Potter fans, we remember what it is like to wait for the latest book or movie to come out. We remember the fandom as each new part of the series is released and that means that we also remember so many fandom properties out there in the world that may be forgotten.

So, I’m going to talk about two of my favorites: A Very Potter Musical and Potter Puppet Pals. Two things that easily defined being a Harry Potter kid, there is just something about them both that still lingers to many of us. Whenever someone says Voldemort, there is a part of my brain that instantly sings his song from the end of the Mysterious Ticking Noise video.

If it isn’t that, then it is thinking about “Goin Back To Hogwarts” from A Very Potter Musical and the joy that that series brought to so many of us as well. Maybe it is because it is just something we all can relate to.

I remember going to the midnight premieres of the movies and yell screaming the songs from A Very Potter Musical because that’s just something we all knew and could do together and enjoy ourselves as fans.

That’s the kind of beauty that these fandom moments brought to us, which is probably why we loved them as much as we did when we were first exploring the series.

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What is your favorite fan memory from the Harry Potter series? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below.