Guns Akimbo trailer: Get your first look at the crazy Daniel Radcliffe movie

Remember seeing the photos of Daniel Radcliffe in a dressing gown and bear slippers with guns? It’s time to see why that was in the Guns Akimbo trailer.

There was a time when we saw Daniel Radcliffe running around in a dressing gown, bear slippers, and his underwear holding two guns. Naturally, we wondered WTH?!?! We knew it was for a movie, but what could it have possibly been? The Guns Akimbo trailer is out and we finally get to see!

If you’ve seen Death Race or Hunger Games, you’ll get some sort of idea of what this movie is all about. Two people fight to the death. In Guns Akimbo, somebody called Skizm chooses two random, weird people to fight to the death, and we see that Nix has annihilated everyone so far.

Where does our Harry Potter lead come into it? Well, he’s Miles, a bored video game developer who doesn’t feel like he’s accomplished anything. So, is it really that surprising that he ends up being picked by Skizm to face Nix?

Oh, and it’s all with two guns bolted to his hands. Yep! I’d go with there being a little bit of a disadvantage here. He can’t even put any pants on!

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The disadvantage is on purpose, by the way. Whoever Skizm thinks will lose is given some sort of flaw that makes their work much harder. And in this case, Miles has lost the use of his hands.

Well, Miles takes a few leaves out of Harry Potter’s book. He doesn’t want to fight Nix, but team up with her. It’s time for two enemies to join together to take on the real enemy: Shizm. Think of Nix as the Slytherins and Skizm as a crazy-ass version of Voldemort.

Just check out the wild trailer below. You know you want to!

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What do you think of Guns Akimbo? Which movie with Harry Potter actors are you excited to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Guns Akimbo is out in theaters on Mar. 5, 2020.

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