Niagara Falls Comic Con lands Harry Potter guest

Still on the fence about attending Niagara Falls Comic Con? This Harry Potter guest may be the one that makes you change your mind.

There are plenty of conventions that take place in the United States. Now it’s time for Canadian fans to get a taste of Harry Potter. Niagara Falls Comic Con has landed an awesome guest.

Matthew Lewis is confirmed for the June convention and is slated to be there on Saturday and Sunday of the event. It’s a chance to learn more about his time on Harry Potter and what he’s doing now. After all, there are usually individual panels with the guests, or some sort of live stage where attendees can stop by and listen to an interview.

Even if not, there are photo ops and autographs. If you want to chat for a while, the autographs are usually the best. While the line does have to move quickly, there’s usually a little bit of time to say hi and ask a question. Lewis is a sweet soul who loves to meet his fans.

Naturally, the Harry Potter star could cancel if there’s some sort of filming that happens during the time period. It’s going to depend on what he’s contracted to do closer to the time. Filming will always take priority over convention appearances, which many fans of other fandoms will know happens.

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However, there are many other great guests at the Ontario convention. Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s James Marsters, Star Trek‘s George Takei, and Lord of the Rings‘ Graham McTavish are among the list of guests at the event.

If you’re looking for a convention closer to Toronto with a Harry Potter guest, Niagara Falls Comic Con is going to be for you.

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Niagara Falls Comic Con takes place on June 5-7, 2020. Get your tickets at the official website.