Harry Potter and the interesting rise in fandom love and appreciation

Harry Potter has a lot of fans and we tend to love the series in waves and, most recently, the fandom love has been coming back in a beautifully fun way.

When it comes to Harry Potter, there seems to be a fun resurgence every once in a while. You’ll be sitting somewhere and realize that you see more and more news around the Potter series suddenly. So, why is that exactly?

I think part of it is that we sometimes just want to talk about our favorite series and, in doing that, we end up with an influx of news surrounding the series again. Or there seems to be a need for something and that’s how we get pop-up Harry Potter stores or places to go to share your love of the series.

All of it, in a weird and roundabout way, is just to bring our love of the series to the forefront again and again. Whether it is because we all love it or because something pops up and we start talking about it, we tend to come back every year or so and start talking about Harry Potter again in our culture.

To be honest, it’s not a bad thing. It’s just that we want to revive our love again and again. So whenever it seems as if we’re not talking about Potter too much, suddenly our love comes back and that’s maybe why this is why the series isn’t really going to go anywhere. We, as fans, keep the magic alive and that’s beautiful.

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Did you find a revived love of Harry Potter recently? Is there something about the series that you just want to go back to now? Let us know what you think in the comments below!