Harry Potter alums team up to talk single-use plastic

Harry Potter alums Evanna Lynch and Bonnie Wright teamed up in a podcast to chat about the environment. What is single-use plastic doing?

If you look at the women of Harry Potter, you’ll see something in common with many of the younger actresses. They’re all into some sort of activism, and it should be applauded. Not only have we seen Emma Watson discuss climate change at events like the G8 summit, but now alums Evanna Lynch and Bonnie Wright have teamed up.

Many of you know that Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the movies, is a passionate vegan activist. She’s done a number of videos to show the sort of things that happen to animals when makeup and skincare products are tested on them, as well as started her own vegan subscription box. What you may not know is that Bonnie Wright, best known as Ginny Weasley, is a passionate activist for the environment.

Lynch has her own podcast, ChickPeeps. You can hear her chat all about her own thoughts about the environment, her vegan lifestyle, and what she’s up to after Harry Potter on there. Recently, she invited her former co-star to the podcast to talk single-use plastic.

Wright shared a little about what got her into activism and her work with Greenpeace. This also led to her talking about her first feature film she’ll direct, titled Unearthed. It’s a thriller monster movie that focuses on pollution. In fact, the monster is going to be made of pollution, offering a look at the world we live in through an entertaining way.

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The two Harry Potter actresses couldn’t help but look back at the wizarding world, though. They discussed the sustainability of Hogwarts, including a discussion of how food waste was handed. However, it’s likely that there was no single-use plastic in Hogwarts. Why have that when you can magic up cups!

While discussing Wright’s activism, the two stars did offer their tips on being more sustainable to protect the environment. It’s certainly worth a listen, Harry Potter fan or not.

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What did you think of the episode of ChickPeeps? Who would you like to see chat to Lynch next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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