The tragic understanding of Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin is a character that many deem as tragic and looking at him throughout his complete arc, it is sad to see everything that Remus had to go through in his life.

There is something about Remus Lupin that has fans continually going back to his story and trying to unpack it. He’s a beautiful character that has so much going against him and yet he continues to overcome despite the odds working against him.

He finds his friends who willingly are there to help him and grow with him and they, overall, accept Lupin despite everything telling them not to because he is a werewolf. When faced with his friend turning against his will, Sirius stands up with Remus to protect him.

So looking at Remus Lupin, what’s so exciting is just examining everything about him and what makes him tick. He’s always willing to do the right thing and trying to rise above his situation and that’s maybe why we tend to flock to his story. Everything about him that is interesting is his willingness to do what he thinks is for the greater good.

He even sacrifices his own life to stop Voldemort and, in a sad way, is back with his friends because, out of the Marauders, Lupin is the only one to really get to live his life out a bit longer than either Sirius or James.

Overall, it’s just nice that they get to see each other (as told by the Ressurection Stone) again after all of this time apart from one another.

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