Why the Golden Trio still means so much to Harry Potter fans

When it comes to the Golden Trio, we Harry Potter fans turn to them as the source of our understanding of friends and found family and they’re still extremely important today.

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger make up the Golden Trio and, for years, they were the friends who got us through everything. So why is it that now, we still love them with our whole heart? Is it because we think back on the journey that Harry had to go on and how Ron and Hermione were always by his side?

The Harry Potter series would be nothing without the friendship formed between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. These three friends went through so much together and when we look back on them now, there is a beautiful connection between them that makes their story that much more powerful. Now, as we’re all adults, we’re looking back on them fondly.

So, are they the best trio out there in pop culture? I say yes, mainly because they’ve always existed as such and remain, to this day, a group of friends who work together to meet their goal. They aren’t lost in some weird ground where they don’t talk, they’re still close and their friendship is what made them so important to us all in the first place.

The Golden Trio might be a part of a larger love of the Harry Potter series but still, there is something so beautiful about them and seeing Harry, Ron, and Hermione work together to find a way to succeed is one of the best parts of the Harry Potter series.

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