Emma Thompson’s Last Christmas sure is an interesting movie

There are some movies that you might just not get and that’s Emma Thompson’s Last Christmas. Mainly because it is predictable, strange, and seems a bit confused.

Beware, we are going to be talking about spoilers for the Emma Thompson movie Last Christmas but then again, the movie is a bit predictable. Set around the music of George Michael, the movie doesn’t have much to do with George Michael or his music at all. It’s just there so they can sing “Last Christmas” a couple of times and be okay with it.

Basically, a woman falls in love with a ghost that she figures out what her heart donor later in the movie. The problem isn’t that its predictable, it’s a Christmas movie that doubles as a romantic comedy. But the problem is that this movie is confused about what it wants to be. One of the parts that is fascinating is that they never address that Emilia Clarke’s character was talking to herself and no one questioned it.

Throughout the movie, she talks about Henry Colding’s character and no one asks to meet him or see him and then she realizes that she’s constantly talking to herself in public and she doesn’t go to see anyone? It’s a little confusing and then ends with her just doing good for other people.

Maybe I just had my hopes set too high but it was definitely a bit of a disappointment even though it seemed like a good movie from the trailer but maybe that’s because the trailer gave too much away for the movie as a whole.

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