Ready for Halloween? Well it’s time to revisit the Harry Potter series then!

Harry Potter may not be set in one specific time of the year but it seems as if we always gravitate to the series around Halloween and so it’s that time of year again!

Halloween is a scary time filled with witches and wizards and maybe that’s why we tend to go back to the Harry Potter series more frequently. Or maybe we just love thinking about Harry and his friends in the fall. Whatever the case is, we love the Potter franchise and we often remember that every October 31st.

Harry Potter was just a baby when Halloween became a less than exciting holiday for him but, for us as fans, we ended up falling in love with the series and what it means for us. Dressing up in our Hogwarts robes or watching the films, we tend to look at the world of magic and the witches and wizards we grew up loving with a fondness in these times.

To be fair, I don’t blame us. For a long while, we got movies and books either in the fall or on Harry’s birthday so now, as adults, why wouldn’t we remember the joy of those times and how it felt when we were kids loving the Harry Potter series? I honestly hope that it never goes away.

Sure, there will probably be a time when Halloween doesn’t make us want to watch the movies or sing the Hogwarts song but, for now, we can continue to love it.

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Do you revisit the Harry Potter series every Halloween? Or do you watch it at a different time of the year? Let us know when you love to go back to the wizarding world in the comments below!