Toyota is moving into the magical broomstick industry

Someone over at Toyota is clearly a Harry Potter fan as the automotive manufacture unveiled their plans for the future; plans which involving broomsticks.

The dream of owning your very own working Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt may be closer than you think. During the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota unveiled what they plan to launch in the future and Harry Potter fans in attendance where given a big surprise when they unveiled one such future product is an e-broom.

Unfortunately, the e-brooms are not going to be getting us off the ground anytime soon.

Modeled after a conventional witches’ broomstick rather than anything specific from the Harry Potter franchise. There is a wheel at the very bottom of the broomstick and based on the video shared via social media of the e-broom in action; it looks as though it should be used with roller skates.

Have a look at the video released for yourself just below:

It’s a wonder as to why Toyota has decided to develop this product. Other than someone being a massive fan of Harry Potter at the automotive manufacture it seems to be a strange thing for them to develop.

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However, if this is the beginning of bringing actual flying broomsticks to life. Then go for it Toyota. Develop away and remove those wheels from the e-brooms and get them in the air. The Wizarding World fandom will thank you for it.

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What do you think about Toyota developing an e-broom? Would you consider getting on for yourself? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.