Sports in Harry Potter and how Quidditch became the phenomenon it is in real life

Quidditch may be a wonderful sport within the context of the Harry Potter series but it has also made its way into college campuses everywhere and why do we find ourselves obsessed?

When I was in college, Harry Potter movies were still coming out so our love of the series wasn’t that strange but what was fun was everyone creating quidditch teams in college. Someone would dress up as the snitch and run around, hiding from the seekers and letting the game live on.

While I didn’t play, it was fun to watch all these colleagues run around and embrace the series that we all loved and knew. So, is it surprising that quidditch is still a big part of the series? I’d say no because it was a huge part of Harry Potter’s life. So much so that Ginny Weasley went on to work in sports for her career.

But I think it is funny that this is what many of us have clung to now that the series is over. We haven’t run around with wands yelling things at each other and pretending to duel. Instead, we found a way to play our own version of quidditch and brought it to life on college campuses everywhere. Hilarious, when you think about it.

I think, in the grand scheme of things, it is just a way to stay connected to the series, to remember what we loved so much about Harry and his friends. But then again, it is fun to watch someone painted in gold running around as the snitch so.

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Did you play quidditch when you were in college? Do you still play it now? Let us know about your quidditch adventures in the comments below!
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