Would it maybe be better if J.K. Rowling just didn’t announce anymore of her ‘ideas’ for Potter?

It is now a running joke among fans and people on Twitter that J.K. Rowling loves to give out unnecessary information about the Potter series and maybe it’d be better if she just didn’t.

J.K. Rowling is kind of becoming an internet joke. By kind of, I mean she is seriously becoming a joke because the more she releases about the series, the more people get mad. Because really, she is giving us unnecessary information and she isn’t following through on it.

Take for instance Grindelwald and Dumbledore. She keeps telling us about their relationship and isn’t showing us that they were in love with each other when they are literally in a movie franchise together currently. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

And maybe that’s because she just wants to keep the magic of Harry Potter alive, something we understand. But that doesn’t mean changing your story or giving us information that you’re not going to follow through on to do so.

Do we need to know about the Marauders? Sure, but why not show us in a book or a show? Why not give us the content instead of telling us these facts. Don’t worry, we don’t need your approval of the canon for us to write about it in fanfiction. What we do need is stability between what she’s telling us and what we’re being shown in the movies.

Hopefully, it’ll stop soon and we’ll just get to enjoy the canon as it is without having to always look to Rowling for more information after the fact.

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So maybe, just to make it a little better, J.K. Rowling could stop giving out information about the Harry Potter series that we don’t need anymore. Because it just gets complicated.