At least Harry Potter didn’t have as disappointing of an ending as Game of Thrones did

Let’s unpack how bad the Game of Thrones finale was and how at least we, as fans of Harry Potter, didn’t have to live through that with our favorite characters and story.

Harry Potter was far from perfect, we know that, but at least it wasn’t Game of Thrones, right? After watching the conclusion to a show that many dedicated ten years of their lives to, it is easy to see why so many were angry with this last season.

But, at least we will always have Potter and it’s ending that, while sad, still fits with the story arc and character development from books past. Maybe that’s what is so upsetting about Game of Thrones. They threw their own characters under the bus and said “oh well” while series like Harry Potter managed to complete the story and carry it through without completely ruining all the characters and their development.

Which is great because the Potter series has some of the best characters around. If you look at characters like Hermione and McGonagall, girls everywhere got to look up to them as children and grow from them. For many, they loved Daenerys Targaryen so watching her destroy her own legacy wasn’t easy (even if the Mad Queen storyline fit within her arc).

I just think it is so easy for fans to get emotionally invested and it hurts when your favorite characters don’t do something you like. So to see something like Game of Thrones and how everyone is reacting to it, it’s nice to know that at least Harry Potter never did that to us.

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Harry Potter had its faults and it was not perfect but at least it wasn’t Game of Thrones in how it ended.