Harry Potter actors and all the new shows and movies they are in

It is jarring when you’re watching a movie and realize that an actor is from the Harry Potter series so we’re looking at some of our favorites and what they’re doing now!

Remember Tonks and Aberforth Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series? Well, they were in Westeros for a while taking on the White Walkers and the Iron Throne. In fact, Aberforth was also the owner of the opera house in Phantom of the Opera and the president of the United States in Political Animals. 

They’re not the only two Potter actors out there. Remus Lupin himself was just the God of War in Wonder Woman and Draco Malfoy was trying to help the Flash on the CW not that long ago. These actors are continually working, making us proud of being fans of both the Harry Potter series as well as their work outside of the movies.

It’s wonderful to be watching a show, looking at the screen, and going “Isn’t that Barty Crouch Jr.?” Maybe it is because these movies were so popular but it seems as if a lot of the actors from the series are in everything, always popping up and reminding us of our favorite characters they brought to life.

And, because it is Harry Potter, a lot of those characters died so it is a bit bittersweet to see them thriving elsewhere and then remember that Tonks and Lupin died and left their son, Teddy, in the care of Harry without ever really getting to know him that well.

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Who is your favorite Harry Potter actor? What are they up to now? Sound off in the comments and let us know! We love seeing all our favorites from the series out and about in new shows and movies!

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