50 most shocking moments in the Harry Potter books and movies

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50. When Lockhart was exposed

Book/movie it happened in: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The basic storyline: Gilderoy Lockhart became the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor during Harry’s second year. A world-famous author, he had plenty of stories of all the things he’d seen and done.

However, when it came to going down to the Chamber of Secrets to save Ginny, Lockhart revealed himself as the fraud that he was hinted to be. Terrified and unskilled, he threatened Harry and Ron with a memory charm – the way he’d been able to pretend all those stories were his own.

Why it was so shocking: Poor bumbling Lockhart. He had all these stories and was considered to be this great wizard and then it was all revealed to be a lie. This wasn’t all that shocking in itself. The ending to his story was the bit that had us gobsmacked.

As Harry and Ron learned the truth, we saw that there was a chance they would be in danger. Lockhart wanted their story to be his next and we found out everything he was willing to do to make it possible. His abilities with memory charms were outstanding and it was clear that Ron and Harry were in some serious trouble.

Fortunately, Lockhart had Ron’s broken wand and the curse backfired. While shocking, it was all hilarious as we realized this author and fraud was about to get his just desserts.

The book did this reveal much better. There were clues in the writing that led to this and give us the opportunity to guess it, but nothing too obvious. The movie didn’t quite pull the big reveal off as well because of the way the clues were shown throughout.

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