50 most shocking moments in the Harry Potter books and movies

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Harry Potter is full of memorable, exciting, and intense moments. Whether it comes to deaths, magical spells, or unbelievable twists, what were the 50 most shocking moments?

Harry Potter may be 20 years old, but it never gets old. The movies and books are believed by fans old and new. Parents are now reading the books they grew up with to their children, while dressing up for conventions and enjoying butterbeer.

The books and movies alike are made up of various twists and turns. There are exciting, death-defying moments and twists that made you gasp in horror and awe the first time. Whether it was learning that Tom Riddle was Voldemort or watching Dumbledore’s death happen for the very first time, there are many shocking moments throughout the seven book and eight movie series.

It’s time to look at the 50 most shocking moments throughout the franchise. And this is only going to look at Harry Potter. The Fantastic Beasts prequels have given us many twists and turns, but we’re nowhere near the end of that storyline. The twists and surprises may not be everything they seem and not everyone has had the chance to see the most recent movie.

This article is going to breakdown the Harry Potter moments. Which would makes it into your top 50? Which moments had you gasping as you read or staring wide-eyed in wonder as they played out on the screen? Which moments can you just not forget?

Here are the top 50 shocking moments from Harry Potter.

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