25 most fantastic beasts from the Harry Potter universe

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

25. Fairies

Ministry of Magic Classification: Beast XX

Where to find them: Worldwide

Fairies aren’t exactly new to the world of fantasy and J.K. Rowling didn’t create them. However, because of their lengthy history in many stories, they’ve found their way onto this list. They’re small creatures, only getting up to five inches tall as adults, if that.

In the wizarding world, the fairies are often used as decoration. They love to keep up appearances, so you can find them constantly grooming themselves to makes sure they look their best all the time. Their vanity is what drives them and it’s why they don’t mind being put on display for everyone to see.

In the Harry Potter universe, the fairies are first mentioned in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They get a mention right around Christmas time because Professor Flitwick used them as Christmas lights to decorate the school. They later appear in The Goblet of Fire during the Yule Ball.

While the wizards try to keep a lot of the fantastic beasts away from the Muggles, the fairies are generally well-accepted by them as part of fairy tales. Whether or not the Muggles actually know that they’re real though, is another story.

Overall, there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to the fairies. They just want to be admired and only get annoyed when their wings are taken away from them. Every once in a while their wings are used in certain potions.

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