Wizard U coming to Michigan: What can you do?

After success in other parts of the States, Wizard U is now bringing its highly popular day event to Michigan. Here’s all you need to know.

Have you ever wanted a day where you can do everything Harry Potter would do? Want to brew potions and duel with your friends? How about play a bit of wizard chess and enjoy some of the magical drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)? Wizard U is the perfect day event for all Potterheads and now there’s one coming to Michigan.

Wizard U is one of the most popular Potter events in the States, offering events throughout the country. It’s an interactive school, suitable for Potterheads of all ages. Other locations have included the likes of New York and Pittsburgh, and the school continues to grow. The most recent in New York was a sell-out and the same is expected in Detroit, Michigan.

What can you do at Wizard U

The one-day event offers you all the fun of being at Hogwarts, even if you never received your letter. You’ll get the chance to brew potions and take part in wand duels with your friends. Dress up in your Hogwarts uniform—choose your house carefully.

One of the most popular parts of Wizard U is the magical beverages that you can get. It’s possible to get Butterbeer, which is suitable for the kids. Meanwhile, adults have the chance to try some alcoholic potions.

https://www.wizarduofficial.com/ 21+ experience and show for late-blooming wizards!

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The big thing about Wizard U is to meet other Potterheads. You’ll be surrounded by people who love the books and the movies. Whether you’re Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or even Ravenclaw, you’ll find people who belong to the same house to talk all about your qualities to your heart content and battle out for fun to find who will top the house chart.

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There’s also an on-stage show at the end of the day. This is the sell-out, so you’ll need to get your tickets fast!

You can still get tickets for Wizard U in Michigan. It’s held at The Crofoot Ballroom.

Will you attend Michigan’s Wizard U?  Have you been to an event before? Let us know in the comments below.

Wizard U takes place in Michigan on June 16, starting from noon.