38 Quick sharp facts about Ron Weasley

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How well do you know Ronald Weasley?

Here you go. 38 Quick sharp facts about Ron Weasley. Die-hard Harry Potter fans are going to know them all, average day Harry Potter fans will know a few and those who have never touched a Harry Potter book or seen a single movie will know nothing.

Enjoy the facts and if you think anything is out of place or incorrect then shoot us a message and let us know. You never know we might have been under the effects of the Confundus Charm at the time of writing.

38 Quick sharp facts about Ron Weasley


Ronald’s full name is Ronald Billius Weasley.


Ron had two wands. His very first was a hand-me-down from his brother Charlie. It was a twelve inch, ash wood wand with a unicorn tail hair core. Ron’s second wand was a fourteen inch, willow and unicorn tail hair wand from Ollivanders.


When Ron performs the Patronus charm his Patronus is a Jack Russell Terrier. A small but fierce dog.


Ron is a bit of a sporty guy. He excels at both Wizard chess and is a decent Quidditch goalkeeper. Ok, maybe a sporty guy is a bit of a stretch.


The Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons is the Quidditch team that Ron supports.


He is classed as a pureblood Wizard. Not that it is really something to brag about.


During Rons first year at Hogwarts, he saved Harry and Hermione from a troll by using the spell Wingardium Leviosa. Knocking the troll out with his very own club.


Ron is known for eating a tremendous amount of food in one go. He would routinely eat multiple helpings every Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner while at Hogwarts.


Thanks to his brother Fred. Ron suffers from arachnophobia. Fred turned his teddy bear into a giant spider when he was little. Permanently making him afraid of spiders.


Ron had a pet rat called Scabbers. Another hand me down, Scabbers was giving to Ron from his brother Percy.

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