Would Eleven have gone to Hogwarts or no?

There are plenty of magical beings in our pop culture but would Eleven from Stranger Things end up at Hogwarts or are her powers too different?

Eleven from Stranger Things has a lot of abilities, but would she get accepted into Hogwarts? Probably not. Eleven’s abilities are not because she has magic within her. Who knows though, maybe they’d learn that she does, in fact, have the capabilities to do real magic too.

And then she’d go to Hogwarts (because Ilvermorny is fine but let her go to Hogwarts) and learn how to help Harry and all his friends? It’d be so amazing. Now, Eleven is a bit older than our lovely Golden Trio.

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have met at some point. And I’m so sure that Harry would have been terrified of her and Ron would have probably had all the Eggos with her. It would have been perfect.

I just think it is a very interesting idea to have the Stranger Things kids mixed with the Harry Potter characters we know and love. They would have tried to figure everything out together and it probably would have ended badly most the time. But seeing these two groups merge would make me, and probably a lot of fans, happy.

So would they exist together? Eh, chances of that happening in any fan’s dream is very slight. But still, they could live in our fanfiction loving brains and we could see Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will, Caleb, Hermione, Harry and Ron all trying to take down Voldemort and the Demogorgon.

So while the answer is probably no, it’d still be fun. Seeing her have other abilities as well as being able to do magic would be really cool. And Hermione would probably love her.

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